Technical Skills and Process Landscape

Technology Stack and Dependencies with solutions.

An enterprise, business, or organization is comparable to a living organism. All (metabolic) processes need to be well-defined, coordinated and optimized for the entirety to thrive.

Managing these processes requires knowing which processes exist, what their purpose is, who’s in charge, how they work and in which way they are structured and interconnected.
This knowledge as a whole can be perceived as the Process Landscape for the concerned body. A visual representation of a Process Landscape Diagram provides an overview and can serve as a valuable tool for its optimization.


We continually enhance our technical expertise and stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology solutions.
Our approach – we strive to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled quality of service to our clients.

By seamlessly integrating new technology and tools, we’re able to offer innovative solutions that optimize processes, improve efficiency and drive growth for our clients.

IT Security

One of the main challenges in operating an IoT system is to keep it secure. With Neoception’s security consulting and secure by design IoT solutions you are well-equipped to run your services reliably right from the start.


Low CAPEX and the possibility to run distributed solutions makes cloud hosting the preferred choice. With our long term experience Neoception is your reliable partner to build your distributed process optimization.

Data rep. and storage

All solutions need data storage, we know how to deal with your data and to manage it reliably. From relational databases up to semantic data models with ten thousand data points, Neo is your right partner.


Independent of how your assets share their data, Neoception is the right partner to make use of it.


Enable your internal and external customers to interact with your services using their device of choice. Modern, intuitive and ergonomic frontends allow them to efficiently retrieve valuable information and optimize their operation.


Just having an IoT dashboard is not enough, you would like to optimize your processes integrating IoT devices? Neoception can provide you with the matching ideas and transform them into powerful solutions taking your processes to the next level. Your ideal IoT device does not yet exist? Neoception is the right partner to create it from scratch matching exactly what you need.


What can I use the Digital-Ledger-Technology (DLT) for, which kind of applications can profit from it, or when should I stick with a more classic approach? Get in touch with our certified experts to explore the potential of the DLT in your business environment.


Like people each device and system prefers its own way to be addressed. Neoception’s experts are ready to deal with this complexity, allowing you to focus on the business processes on top of it.

Data mining

You managed to implement and fill a data lake. That’s a huge achievement, but what useful information does it really contain? Let us support you to discover the patterns, anomalies, associations, and sequences which add value to your processes. Not having the data lake yet? Let’s tackle it together!


Cloud storage, data ingress and processing costs are eating you alive? Make use of our edge computing know-how and let us reduce your cloud cost pressure significantly. A smart and secure edge gateway provides intelligent data handling and offers comfortable command & control functionality.

Programming Language

What are the most suitable tools to achieve the software development tasks at hand? We answer this question regularly aiming to choose the programming language and software libraries which promise the most efficient and reliable results. If required we can also adapt to your legacy systems and seamlessly maintain end extend them with the new features you need.


We understand that your business needs go beyond just software. That’s why we are committed to supporting your hardware and IT requires as well. Through our network of close partners, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for all your business needs, ensuring that you have a single point of contact for any problem that may arise.

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  • Industrial Sensors
  • Identification Systems
  • Camera & Laser Tech.
  • Mobile Computing & Smartware
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  • Smart 
  • Lean
  • Human-Centric
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  • Backend Integration
  • Embedded Development 
  • Frontend Mobile 
  • Hardware Integration
  • Digital Twin / AAS
  • Blockchain / DLT 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Infrastructure


Our team has a wide set of skills and expertise in software solutions and beyond. We would love to share our knowledge with you and help you identify which skills would be most valuable for your business.

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