Neoception Floww

Neoception floww is a modern and lean approach to completely digitalize Kanban workflows in production and supply chain.

Lean manufacturing methods like a Kanban are standard in many modern industry environments. As a pull-based scheduling system it manages the material demand and optimizes material flow within complex systems. As of today, most implementations rely on manual processes. Workers often still need to physically transport cards or perform manual scans of items with Barcode or RFID handhelds. By combining optical sensors, identification systems and modern process oriented software, Neoception floww lifts Kanban workflows to a fully digital level. It allows for shorter cycle times, better overall process transparency and increased process quality. Furthermore it optimizes your working capital and can be seamless integrated into leading ERP systems.

Upgrade your traditional Kanban system to its digital evolution and create a virtual representation of your supply area – recognizing real-time demand at every stage of the process.

Neoception floww consists of a sensor-kit for retrofitting your Kanban racks, RFID identification systems as well as LED strips and labels to support pick- and put-by-light procedures. This combination allows for real-time perception and continuous processing of information to analyze and improve your material flow. It also supports workers in their daily routine to avoid mistakes and help to focus on where they really create value. The system is easy to set up, provides a user-centered interface for controlling Kanban workflows and reliably forwards business events to your IT landscape.

  • Retrofit your Kanban shelf and connect it to a digital management system for permanent inventory.
  • Monitor every material movement live in your ERP / MES / WMS or in Neoception floww‘s separate service.
  • Trigger customized business events based upon your defined rules.

Identify even further optimization possibilities by combining Neoception floww with Neoception streamm and add additional read heads in other sections for tracking any good from incoming to outgoing. Get more out of your processes and make perfect decisions with fully transparent material flows.

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Neoception streamm

Neoception streamm brings transparency to the shop floor and automate your business processes.

Smart factory solutions

Lean production is the main goal in intralogistics and shop floor management. With Neoception streamm we enable transparency of material flows, assets, tools and processes. This enables you to optimize production and even to automate your processes. Bringing together state of the art sensors, scalable data handling and enrichment as well as integration into ERP / MES system for a seamless workflow.

Neoception streamm is the solution to implement RFID in intralogistics and on shop floors. No PLC is needed and thanks to connectors to known ERP systems automating your business processes is as easy as never before. We offer standard products based on the technology e.g. Streamm Asset Tracker and Streamm Track and Trace. Furthermore Neoception streamm is the perfect foundation for individual solutions based on RFID technology.

Be part of the industrial revolution and optimize your production by identifying bottlenecks and gain transparency over tools, assets and orders. Become paperless by not only reducing manual documentation efforts but automating documentation. With Neoception Streamm you will:

  • Improve your OEE
  • Reduce Lead Times
  • Optimize Working Capital

Once you have gained the insights you will be able to optimize your production further by running analysis. This will have a direct impact on your quality and costs as well as boost the relationship to your customers.

Streamm Track and Trace

Bring transparency into your manufacturing process and beyond. Follow your parts through the entire supply chain into distribution and after market to provide your customers an unique quality experience. 

A traceability of products and materials is not only beneficial for producers but more and more required by customers. Neoception Streamm Track and Trace brings you far more than just matching customer expectations. From managing products with critical expiring dates over handling product recalls to batch and serial tracking – everything is possible. Your whole supply chain and production workflow will benefit and over all your customer and supplier relationships will improve.

Neoception Streamm Track and Trace is your turnkey solution for a RFID run track and trace system. We provide you with all the way from RFID configuration until the connection to your ERP / MES system. Thanks to strong partners on the sensor side as well as ERP provider and integrator we developed a solution that doesn’t only adapt to your work flows but also supports your workforce.

How Does it Work?

Streamm Track and Trace is a cloud-based system that combines RFID technology from Pepperl+Fuchs with a gateway and innovative software services from Neoception. Plant assets are equipped with RFID tags so they can be easily tracked at a defined point in the process. Tag on boarding, identification and enrichment of data is implemented as of your needs. A gateway transmits the information to the cloud where the data is processed. A connection to your ERP and MES is provided individually to enable a seamless integration in your systems and processes.

Streamm Asset Tracker

Smart maintenance to reduce downtime and increase efficiency 

Maintaining assets efficiently can be a challenge. Transform your business with the Neoception Streamm Asset Tracker. It brings you the transparency to optimize your production in real time and maintain your assets in perfect intervals. Regular inspection and monitoring of tool condition is a key part in the production. Neoception Stramm Asset Tracker supports you with that tasks.

Once set an individual threshold for the asset the system will count the cycles of the asset notifying you right on time. With the solution you are able to reduce your overall maintenance cost while boosting quality. On top you export the data and run analysis on the cycle times to optimize further your production.

How Does it Work?

Streamm Asset Tracker is a cloud-based asset management system that combines RFID technology from Pepperl+Fuchs with a gateway and innovative software services from Neoception. Plant assets are equipped with RFID tags so they can be easily tracked at a defined point in the process. For this identification task, a variety of RFID read/write heads are available to meet your individual needs.

A gateway transmits the tracked information to the cloud where the read events are filtered and analyzed. Additionally to a dashboard you receive customized alerts once the preconfigured threshold values have been reached so inspection and maintenance can be scheduled on time.

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