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Neoception was founded in 2017 as an IT consultancy by the Pepperl+Fuchs Group and has developed into a relevant IT service provider for the design of digital process optimization in the industrial environment. Our headquarters are in Mannheim, surrounded by an excellent infrastructure – both in terms of transport and to some of our partners and large tech companies. In addition, we have another development site in the north of Portugal, surrounded by the beautiful Douro Valley and connected to one of the country’s best universities in the field of software development. Innovative and equal cooperation with our customers and partners is the key to our success. As a spin-off of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group, our customers benefit from many years of experience in shop floor processes, industrial sensor technology and automation. This knowledge is used by our team, consisting of highly qualified experts in process consulting, software development, project management and business development, to make a real difference in IIoT applications. Together, we are shaping the future of digital process optimization.


When establishing Neoception, we embarked on an extensive brainstorming process, generating around 400 ideas in search of the perfect name. We faced the challenge of finding an available .de and .com domain while also capturing the essence of our vision. After careful consideration, we arrived at a shortlist of 15 names, with Neoception emerging as the prime candidate for our new venture. 

But what led us to choose this unique name?

Neoception derives its name from the fusion of two elements, each representing a vital aspect of our identity.
The prefix “Neo-” originates from the Greek language, symbolizing novelty, youthfulness, and freshness. It embodies our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends, ensuring we deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

The second part of our name, “-ception,” draws inspiration from our background in data science. Some of our managing directors, have deep roots in this field. It is a nod to the Perceptron, one of the pioneering algorithms in the realm of machine learning.

Our logo not only serves as our visual identity but also encapsulates the spirit of Neoception.

The green square in the logo holds special significance. This square represents our strong bond with our parent company, Pepperl+Fuchs.
It serves as a testament to our origins and where we come from. P+F, with its established business, follows a straightforward path, while Neoception, as the innovator, introduces a fresh perspective by shaking things up within this square. Innovating new businesses which will be adapted by P+F core business.

This symbiotic relationship allows us to collaborate closely, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

As a fun aside, Neoception holds a playful connection to some beloved movies that many of us might appreciate.
It could be interpreted as a fusion of “Neo,” the protagonist from a certain iconic film, and “ception,” hinting at a mind-bending movie centered around dreams.

We’ll leave it to you to uncover which movies these references allude to!


Shaping the future of digital process optimization. 

We want to tackle 80% of shopfloor processes and ensure their optimization, standardization, and resilience to make them available as digital solution.


General Management

To us, social responsibility means to create human-centric visionary and sustainable solutions – transparent, adaptable and efficient.


The customer is our focus. This is why we grant access to our experts, competencies, and communities to all industrial companies. To do so, we are choosing “Sales Excellence” methods to become a supra-regional brand.

Once in direct contact, we want to build partnerships on eye-level. We want to ensure a continuous and trustful exchange with our counterparts in order to be perceived as a valuable source of information, inspiration, and support in regards of Industrial IoT.


We share our experience and our professional consulting competencies to design the best fit solution for your processes and technical designs.

Project Management

We are your One-stop-shop for Industrial IoT – supported by strategic, multi-layer partnerships we handle required methods and given boundaries throughout all phases of a project. Means, we build upon the base given by our customers. Based on transparent cooperation and adequate flexibility we always strive for delivering excellent quality.

Product Management

Our products are easy entry points for our customers, which simplify the access to trailblazing solutions for process optimization. Using Industrial IoT technologies leads to minimizing working capital, downsizing manual efforts, reducing space and optimizing supply chains.

DEV Communities

We are a great, international, diversified team with high commitment and a conscious mindset of excellence. We are your drivers to introduce latest technologies to industrial applications. We make new technologies accessible to you!

Human Resources

We are an organization where people can contribute their ideas and be dynamic in order to explore new fields. Together with our colleagues, we walk along the path of excellence – continuous learning, support and challenges.

We encourage and support our people’s talents and curiosity. Thanks to agile and modern structures, we are constantly creating opportunities for all our employees to develop in their area of interest.


We are a young and dynamic team of curious developers, creative minds and innovative creators. With the use of the latest technologies and the enthusiasm for the field of IoT 4.0, we look forward to tackling the challenges of our customers every day.

Our passion is process optimization from A to Z, from consulting to scalable solutions and their implementation.

Management Board

Neoception - Jörg Nagel - Managing Director
Jörg Nagel
Managing Director
Neoception - Gonçalo Rijo - Managing Director Portugal
Gonçalo Rijo
Managing Director Portugal
Neoception - Adrian Trabold - Head of Sales Consulting
Adrian Grüner
Director of Sales Excellence
Neoception - Timo Galm - Head of Project Management
Timo Galm
Head of Project Management
Neoception - Ruben Pinto - Junior Software Engineering
Andreas Höpfner
Software Engineering
Neoception - Andreas Wick - Head of Product Management
Andreas Wick
Head of Product Management

Sales Excellence

Neoception - Dominik Schunke - Sales Excellence Manager
Dominik Schunke
Sales Excellence Manager
Neoception - Celine Mehrle - Sales Excellence
Celine Mehrle
Sales Excellence Manager
Neoception - Luca Schulte - Sales Excellence
Luca Schulte
Sales Consultant
Neoception - Marcelo Antunes - Content Creator
Marcelo Antunes
Content Creator


Neoception - Alaettin Dogan - Technical Consultant
Alaettin Dogan
Technical Consultant
Neoception - Vitor Pequito - Junior Technical Consultant
Vitor Pequito
Junior Technical Consultant
Neoception - José Cordeiro - Software Engineering
José Cordeiro
Technical Consultant
Diogo Medeiros
Junior Technical Consultant
Neoception - João Pereira - Junior Software Engineering
João Pereira
Junior Technical Consultant
Neoception - Rafael Cotrim - Software Engineering
Rafael Cotrim
Technical Consultant
Armin Schäffer
Senior Solution Consultant

Project Execution and HR

Neoception - Hugo Cristina - Project Coordinator
Hugo Cristina
Project Coordinator
Neoception - Carina Penedo - Human Resources
Carina Penedo
Human Resources
Neoception - Hugo Duarte - Team Assistant
Hugo Duarte
Team Assistant


Neoception - Benjamin Stracke - Software Engineering
Benjamin Stracke
Software Engineering
Neoception - Jang Dong Gi - Software & Hardware Engineering
Dong Gi Jang
Software & Hardware Engineering
Neoception - Rui Pinheiro - Software Engineering
Rui Pinheiro
Software Engineering
Neoception - Nuno Rodrigues - Software Engineering
Nuno Rodrigues
Software Engineering
Neoception - António Inácio - Software Engineering
António Inácio
Software Engineering
Neoception - Fábio Ribeiro - Junior Software Engineering
Fábio Ribeiro
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - João Nóbrega - Junior Software Engineering
João Nóbrega
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - Luis Tiago - Junior Software Engineering
Luís Tiago Favas
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - Miguel Albuquerque - Junior Software Engineering
Miguel Albuquerque
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - Pedro Teixeira - Junior Software Engineering
Pedro Teixeira
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - Sebastião Salsinha - Junior Software Engineering
Sebastião Salsinha
Junior Software Engineering
Neoception - Ruben Pinto - Junior Software Engineering
Ruben Pinto
Junior Software Engineering


At Neoception, we strongly believe that how we behave towards our customers is equally important as the quality of services we offer.


Find your passion, make a difference, and grow your career with us. Become a Neoceptionist.


If you’re interested in learning more about us and our story, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to share all the details with you!

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