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Optimize your material flow with Neoception® eKanban Lite – Modular and scalable solution for hassle-free production control.


In the dynamic landscape of the supplier industry, maintaining a competitive edge demands innovative solutions. Neoception® eKanban Lite tackles critical challenges such as difficult paper handling, lack of visibility into consumer demands, high investment costs for process transformation, and the complexities of new hardware installations and training efforts.


Neoception® eKanban Lite is an automated and paperless Kanban system that simplifies inventory management and optimizes material flow at the end user with minimal intervention in the existing processes.

Our solution offers a user-friendly solution that combines preconfigured and minimalistic hardware setup with Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality.

The setup process is simple, and reordering is made easy by scanning an empty load carrier, which automatically creates a new order. The system provides a commissioning UI for an overview of incoming orders and different management UIs to add and manage load carriers and customers.

The workflow is lean and straightforward:
scan the empty load carrier with at the RFID reader, and you’re done!


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Our eKanban Lite platform, integrated into our partner TeDaLoS application, is designed to simplify the commissioning process, optimize workflows, and provide real-time visibility into your inventory. Explore the features that make eKanban Lite the ideal choice for businesses seeking an easy and efficient inventory management solution.

Neoception® eKanban Lite


  • User-Friendly Commissioning: eKanban Lite is designed with the end-user in mind. We prioritize a user-friendly interface to simplify order fulfillment through RFID scanning and streamlined pairing processes. Our goal is to make commissioning a smooth and intuitive experience for your team.
  • Flexible Pairing Options: Choose the pairing workflow that suits your operations. Whether it’s one-time or continuous pairing, we provide the flexibility to adapt commissioning processes. Manual pairing of RFID tags is also supported, offering a tailored approach to your business needs.
  • Automated Order Creation: Orders are seamlessly generated during the commissioning process. In situations where orders may not be automatically created, our platform integrates a manual order creation feature, ensuring completeness in your inventory management.
  • Shipments Log: Keep a detailed log of all completed shipments. Our platform emphasizes transparency and accountability in the shipping process, providing valuable historical data for reference and analysis.
  • User Roles and Management: Efficiently manage user roles and access. eKanban Lite allows administrators to configure roles and views, ensuring that each user has the right level of access for their responsibilities.



Neoception® eKanban Lite is designed to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring long-term usability and efficiency as your business expands.

Faster replenishment cycle

The real-time nature of Neoception® eKanban Lite enables faster replenishment of inventory, ensuring that the consumer’s needs are met.

Less paperwork

By eliminating the need for paper-based Kanban systems, Neoception® eKanban Lite reduces paperwork and administrative tasks.

Improved consumer satisfaction

By implementing Neoception® eKanban Lite, the supplier-consumer relationship is improved. The system provides transparency, reliability and trust.

Real-time information

Real-time information is provided, allowing for accurate tracking of inventory levels and demand.

Easy reordering

Reordering becomes an easy process. Consumers can simply scan an empty load carrier and the system automatically generates a reorder request.


The warehouse operational process involves pairing specific materials with RFID technology for efficient tracking and management.

  1. Accessing the UI: Warehouse personnel access the user interface from their PC workstations connected to the system.
  2. QR Code and SAP Barcode Scanning: Using handheld scanners, employees scan the QR code on the crate for identification and the SAP barcode containing material specifics.
  3. Pairing Information Storage: Information from the scan is securely stored within the Neoception system, establishing a direct link between the material and its RFID tag.
  4. User Interface Tracking: Employees can track and verify successful pairings through the user interface, ensuring accurate material-RFID associations.


Efficient tracking

Allows seamless association of specific materials with RFID tags for streamlined tracking and management.

Real-time Verification

Instant verification and tracking through the user interface provide confidence in accurate pairings.


The logistics workflow involves the systematic booking of empty Kanban boxes for inventory replenishment and management.

  1. Empty Crate Retrieval: Logistics personnel retrieve empty crates from the storage shelves.
  2. RFID Tag Scanning: Using RFID readers, they scan the RFID tags on the empty crates.
  3. Cloud Feedback through Stack Light: The gateway transmits the data to the cloud, receiving feedback indicated via a stack light—displaying ‘OK’ or ‘Error’ status for the transmission.
  4. Data Enrichment and Dashboard Presentation: Neoception system enriches the read data (UII, Kanban ID, timestamps, booking status, SAP status) and displays it through a web dashboard.
  5. Data Transfer to SAP: Aggregated data from all read empty boxes over a defined period is transferred to SAP for inventory management.


Streamlined Booking Process

Facilitates efficient booking of empty Kanban boxes for replenishment.

Centralized Data Presentation

Neoception dashboard offers a comprehensive view of booked inventory, aiding effective management and replenishment decisions.


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Base package “Smart inventory monitoring – platform”

  • Customer API (outbound)
  • 10 users
  • Volume package: 10k transactions per year + 10k IDs
  • Volume package “Starter”:
    • 10.000 Transaktionen/ Jahr
    • 10.000 IDs
  • SW-Prozess-Modul “eKanban Lite – RFID”
  • Zero configuration setup for end users
  • Inbound API for 10 Neoception endpoints/stations
  • Inbound API: to connect Kanban Stations to the Backend
  • Hardware components “eKanban Lite” 
  • Commissioning station HW package
  • Empty-box booking station HW package
    • optional: Reorder station pre-assembled
  • Optional Upgrades eKanban Lite:
  • Corporate design of platform
  • Additional users
  • additional Volume
  • Addon: AlarmSystem Lite
  • Addon: Masterdata Import
  • Addon: Smart Range


  • Paper-Based Kanban: A traditional Kanban system that relies on physical cards or documents to signal the need for material replenishment or orders.
  • eKanban Lite: An electronic and simplified version of the traditional Kanban system, combining minimalistic hardware with Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality.
  • Commissioning UI: A user interface that provides an overview of incoming orders and enables the management of boxes and customers.
  • Pairing/Management UI: A user interface for registering and managing boxes, material numbers, and customer IDs.
  • RFID Reader: A device that reads Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags or labels to capture and transmit data.
  • RFID Tags: Radio Frequency Identification tags that contain electronic data and are affixed to items for tracking.


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