Funded Projects | A-MoVeR

Agenda | A-MoVeR – Mobilizing Agenda for the Development of Intelligent Green Mobility Products and Systems

Consortium Leader | Continental Advanced Antenna, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

Agenda Description | The A-Mover Agenda aims to bring about a substantial change in the industrial development model in the Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro Region by implementing a series of industrial investments. These investments will enable the participating companies to enter international segments with high added value through the creation of 3 completely innovative PPS worldwide: (1) the Vehicle-to-Everything Intelligent Antenna for communication between vehicles and other mobility actors, via modular solutions for 5G, (2) a new high-autonomy electric motorcycle aimed at promoting comfortable, efficient, and green urban mobility, and (3) secure real-time information collection/management services. These services will constitute an added value for the automotive cluster in the region, considering the concepts of Smart Manufacturing and advanced manufacturing processes in a “factory of the future” logic to be implemented.

Start Date | December 1, 2022
Completion Date | November 30, 2025
Investment | EUR 22,724,245.78


  • SO1. Creation of a new industrial innovation ecosystem, promoting regional development with a focus on the automotive industry, enhancing exportation, and scalability to other industries;
  • SO2. Establishment of two service centers for application in the automotive industry, among others;
  • SO3. Implementation of fundamental R&D projects for the industry, focusing on intelligent sensing, cybersecurity, and monitoring;
  • SO4. Establishment of research laboratories and innovation centers for knowledge transfer; OE5. Development of manufacturing processes and technologies for Intelligent and Sustainable Industries.



PPS1. V2X Intelligent Antenna Module
PPS2. High Autonomy Urban Electric Motorcycle
PPS3. Network & Security Operations Center

Beneficiary Entity | Neoception Unipessoal Limitada
Beneficiary’s Investment | EUR 686,174.78

Project Sheet (PT).