In today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape, optimizing supply chain processes is critical to sustainability and operational efficiency. Traditional approaches often lead to delays, inefficiencies and increased environmental impact.

With the innovative eKanban solution, companies can transform their logistics routes and pave the way for a sustainable future. With this article, we would like to show you what the benefits and impacts are by implementing the digital solution eKanban.


In the traditional logistics process, the retailer or logistics provider delivers a shipment full of boxes to the production facility. However, without real-time visibility and communication, the production team may not know what the specific requirements are for each box.

As a result, the production process runs without detailed information, which in turn can lead to delays, excess inventory and inefficient resource allocation. In addition, the return of empty boxes is often dependent on time-delayed reports, leading to further interruptions and inefficiencies.



By implementing the eKanban solution, a significant change in the logistics process occurs. The distributor or logistics service provider delivers a shipment of boxes to the production facility, just as in the traditional process. However, what differentiates this process from the traditional one is the seamless connection between the distribution logistics and the production team, enabled by RFID-enabled software.

In this eKanban-driven approach, each box is equipped with RFID tags that enable real-time tracking and information exchange. As boxes are delivered, they are recorded directly at the production site and the data is automatically transmitted thanks to the RFID tags. The data is immediately available to the production team, ensuring accurate and timely information.

Production staff can access the eKanban system, which provides a central platform for real-time posting of requirements. This means that during the production process, the team can continuously monitor inventory levels, receive alerts for replenishment, and seamlessly communicate with distributor logistics to ensure timely delivery of additional boxes.



eKanban Advantages

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