Neoception Floww

Neoception floww is a modern and lean approach to completely digitalize Kanban workflows in production and supply chain.

Lean manufacturing methods like a Kanban are standard in many modern industry environments. As a pull-based scheduling system it manages the material demand and optimizes material flow within complex systems. As of today, most implementations rely on manual processes. Workers often still need to physically transport cards or perform manual scans of items with Barcode or RFID handhelds. By combining optical sensors, identification systems and modern process oriented software, Neoception floww lifts Kanban workflows to a fully digital level. It allows for shorter cycle times, better overall process transparency and increased process quality. Furthermore it optimizes your working capital and can be seamlessly integrated into leading ERP systems.

Upgrade your traditional Kanban system to its digital evolution and create a virtual representation of your supply area – recognizing real-time demand at every stage of the process.

Neoception floww consists of a sensor-kit for retrofitting your Kanban racks, RFID identification systems as well as LED strips and labels to support pick- and put-by-light procedures. This combination allows for real-time perception and continuous processing of information to analyze and improve your material flow. It also supports workers in their daily routine to avoid mistakes and help to focus on where they really create value. The system is easy to set up, provides a user-centered interface for controlling Kanban workflows and reliably forwards business events to your IT landscape.

  • Retrofit your Kanban shelf and connect it to a digital management system for permanent inventory.
  • Monitor every material movement live in your ERP / MES / WMS or in Neoception floww‘s separate service.
  • Trigger customized business events based upon your defined rules.

Identify even further optimization possibilities by combining Neoception floww with Neoception streamm and add additional read heads in other sections for tracking any good from incoming to outgoing. Get more out of your processes and make perfect decisions with fully transparent material flows.

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